Normally used as screens or barriers, hedges are highly versatile structures and can create different ‘rooms’ in a garden. Many different plants can be used for hedging, all giving a different feel and look. A yew or box hedge gives a strong, formal feel whereas a mixed, deciduous hedge can give a more gentle, informal feel.

Sometimes, a ‘pleached’ hedge might be desired – a row of trees trained together at a given height, in effect forming a hedge on stilts – this is an elegant structure in itself, needing careful formative training and pruning in its early stages.

Plums & Roses can help you choose and establish the right sort of hedging and hedge structures for your garden and supplies top quality hedging plants. We also provide an expert service in training pleached structures.

Plums & Roses is a member of the National Hedgelaying Society and you can read more about our hedgelaying projects here.