Gardens for Honey Bees

With the recent alarming decline in world honey bee populations, many people now want to support bees as much as possible in their gardens.

Honey bees are very particular about what flowers they gather pollen and nectar from so this is an important consideration for a planting design. Timing of flowering is also important as one of the best ways to support honey bees is to provide plants that flower at times of the year when nectar and pollen supplies from native plants are in short supply (e.g. Winter). Bees often emerge on sunny days at these times to try to gather food resources for their young and to build up strength.

Plums and Roses has designed a large flower border in Hampshire for a registered beekeeper. Through this project and ongoing work with the beekeeper, we have acquired a good knowledge of the needs and requirements of honey bees and so will utilise all this information when designing a scheme for your garden.